Interview Tips

Tips Before Interview

  1. Be ready with common interview questions
  2. Never hesitate to ask for help while answering interview questions
  3. Enquire about the format of interview
  4. Understand the job requirements well
  5. Keep a reference list ready
  6. Ask smart questions to the interviewers
  7. Work out or search about the company profile
  8. Be ready with work examples

Tips During Interview

  1. Carry the resume, a pen and a notebook
  2. Reach early to the interview venue
  3. Decide your interview dress before the previous night
  4. Ensure to leave positive first impression
  5. Be honest in answering interview questions
  6. Be succinct and remain focused in response
  7. Ensure to speak positively regarding former employers
  8. Look confident, and remain positive and authentic
  9. Correlate your response to your accomplishments and skills

Tips After Interview

  1. Ask for the follow-up steps from interviewer
  2. Send an individualized thank you mail to the interviewers